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Omega Pediatrics + JamboDoc = The Best Care Possible

Welcome to Care Designed Around You and Your Family

We're offering to treat you like family. Our families can call on us whenever they have a question, so we can make sure they get the care they need. With JamboDoc, we're inviting you to experience the best care possible.


Now we can be there when you need us most.

At Omega Pediatrics, we want to be there when you need us. The traditional system forces pediatric practices to make compromises in the way they can deliver care. JamboDoc overcomes those compromises by giving you a constant, always on connection with your Omega Pediatrician of choice.

With JamboDoc, your doctor is directly available to you whether the office is open or closed.


Small change, big impact.

JamboDoc makes a big difference in your care, whether you're a new mom with a small baby, a parent struggling with a child's academic difficulties, or a busy professional who doesn't have time for frequent office visits.

Whatever your situation, JamboDoc lets your Omega Pediatrician fit care to your unique, individual needs.

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JamboDoc restores the doctor-patient relationship.

There's no substitute for the peace of mind that comes from the relationship we can develop using JamboDoc. Now we can be there to guide you - from the little issues that disrupt your day to the bigger issues that can develop into emergencies.

We Invite You To Experience JamboDoc

Your 1 month free trial includes all of JamboDoc's great features, including next day and immediate JamboNow messaging.

Once you've signed in, we'll be able to show you around and answer any questions you may have.


JamboDoc brings the full value of your Omega Pediatrician's experience to you. We are looking forward to leveraging technology to any extent that we can. We want to help young families, working families, and anyone wanting to use technology to make healthcare easier.

We opened our Roswell office in 2016 and find staying fully and creatively engaged in Pediatrics a worthwhile goal. We look forward to meeting you and your loved ones!

Dr Michael Nwaneri
Omega Pediatrician (20 years experience)